Please note….. The practice doors are only open for patients who have been asked to attend for an appointment by one of our clinicians.

If you have been asked to attend for an appointment can you please enter the practice alone where ever possible. Please DO NOT bring family members along.

Please DO NOT attend the practice for any other reason.

Please ring 01327 703333 with any other queries, prescriptions etc. Our patients services advisors will be happy to help and advise.

You will not be allowed into the practice if you do not have an appointment.

We would like to thank you for you understanding at this time.

COVID-19 Update - 25th March 2020

Important Information
We are extremely busy.  Please help us to help you!
As you can imagine, we are extremely busy due to the Coronavirus.  We have been so touched and grateful for everyone’s concern for our well-being.  We are seeing such goodness from so many people and as we strive to help others.
We are receiving an incredible amount of calls from patients’ asking for advice that is available from 111 via their website at https://111.nhs.uk or also at https://www.gov.uk
The surgery website is also kept up to date https://danetremedicalpractice.co.uk
We are pleading with you to use these websites to seek information rather than calling the surgery so that we can help those patients’ that have non-virus related health problems that are struggling to get through to us.
People still have heart attacks, ectopic pregnancies, perforated bowels, appendicitis, seizures and accidental overdoses.  If the phones are blocked, the outcomes for these people will be poor.
So please, if you need advice about the Coronavirus, think about where the best place is for these answers as we have the same information as you.

COVID-19 Update - 25th March 2020

The top 5 reasons NOT to contact your GP:
1.  Should I self-isolate?  Should I go to work?
We can only advise you what the current guidelines are and we get this information from www.gov.uk
Your employers should support you to work for home where possible.  If you or a household member develops symptoms, then you should also self-isolate.
2.  Am I in a vulnerable group?
You might be, many people are. If you are – be hyper vigilant, distance yourself from others, work from home if you can.  Currently you don’t need to self-isolate unless you have symptoms or someone in the household has symptoms.
3.  What is social distancing?
Everyone should be social distancing – not just the vulnerable.  Social distancing is not the same as self-isolation.  Distancing is keeping your distance from people, working form hoe where possible, avoid public transport and gatherings unless essential.  Use the phone for communication where possible and NOT touching others. 
4.  Can I have a sick note?  Coronavirus = No / Other = yes
You do NOT need a sick/fit note for the first 7 days of illness - after that, employers have been told you do not need a sick note to allow you to stay off work.  If you require a sick/fit note for longer, there is information regarding this at https://111.nhs.uk of how to get an isolation note for your employer.  Please DO NOT ask the surgery.
The employer’s advice at www.gov.uk says the following:
By law, medical evidence is not required for the first 7 days of sickness (that is, employees can self-certify), after 7 days, it is for the employer to determine what evidence is required, if any from the employee.  To make this easier for people to provide evidence for their employer that they need to stay at home, please follow the steps for an isolation note.  In the meantime, we continue to urge employers to respect the need to stay at home where they are following government advice to do so and to show flexibility in the evidence they require from employees.
5.  Can I have extra medication?
The pharmacies are completely overwhelmed and people who need their usual medications are having difficulties being provided for.  All doctors have been instructed not to give prescriptions early and we are not increasing the amounts prescribed.

Patient Comments

A lovely message was left for us on social media.....

"Big thank you to Danetre Medical Practice from calling up, doctor calling me back to standing in the chemist collecting medicine for my sons ear infection.... hour and half....well done and thank you. Appreciate how busy you all are."


Danetre Medical Practice Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 7.30am - 6.30pm


Did you know you can now access appointments in the Extended access hub based at Monksfield Surgery (Daventry), Weedon, Towcester and Brackley between the hours of 6.30pm to 8.00pm Monday to Friday, Saturday 8.30am – 12.00pm and Sunday 8.30am – 11.30am to see a GP/Nurse Practitioner or HCA.

Please ask at reception for more information.

All appointments are subject to availability. 


Please contact us on 01327 703333 to book an Extended Access Hub Appointment. 

Welcome message from Jo Gilford - Practice Manager

Welcome to Danetre Medical Practice

Here at Danetre Medical Practice we are a compassionate and committed provider of clinical excellence.

Our staff are motivated to achieve their maximum potential and deliver diverse, local and patient centred services.

To ensure we provide first-rate, cost effective healthcare we work closely with our patients and listen to what they have to say. After all, patients are the key part of any Medical Practice so we take pride in giving them a voice.

The Practice itself is located in close proximity to Daventry Town centre in a modern building adjoining Danetre Hospital (a community hospital which opened in September 2006) offering a wide range of services and delivering a high standard of care.

Also attached to the Practice operating independently is Boots Chemist.

Contained within the site is a purpose built free car parking provision for visitors and staff.

All employers are expected to park within the car parks adjacent to the boundary of the site allowing the car parks nearer the Practice and Hospital to be used by patients visiting the site.

Important Update from Dr James

As from Monday 3rd December 2018 we are asking our Patient Services Advisors to request a brief outline of your symptoms when we book you an appointment.  

This is for us to ensure that you see the right clinician for the problem you are calling about. 

All of our staff are committed to patient confidentiality, and are experienced in dealing with sensitive information. 

Working closely with our GP's, we have a team of Advanced Practitioners, who can see you for many minor illnesses, such as coughs, colds, chest infections, urine infections, aches and pains and minor injuries.  Our Advanced Practitioners can also prescribe should you require medication for your problem. 

Did you also know we may be able to offer you an evening or weekend appointment at a local surgery, for a range of illnesses? Please ask our Patient services Team for more information. 

Please help us to help you. 

Contact Us

Where to find us


Danetre Medical Practice

London Road



NN11 4DY

Telephone - 01327 703333 between 8.00am - 6.00pm

General enquiries email  danetremedical.practice@nhs.net

Prescription queries email repeatmeds@nhs.net

Meet The Team


NHS England has recommended that medicines for minor ailments such as hay fever, insect bites, sunburn, colds and dry skin should no longer be routinely prescribed. In making these changes £136 million could be saved each year. In Northamptonshire the NHS spends around £5.4 million a year on minor ailments, money which could be used to support vital healthcare that can transform lives.

Medication for many minor illnesses can be purchased from your local Pharmacy, who can also provide advice, meaning you will not have to wait for an appointment at your GP Practice for a prescription, therefore freeing up appointments for patients with more serious conditions.

Daventry Primary Care Network Multi Disciplinary Team

This is an exciting opportunity to join the newly formed Daventry Primary Care Network (DCPN) Multi Disciplinary Team (MDT). The newly created network sees the two outstanding CQC practices of Abbey House Medical Practice and Danetre Medical Practice join together to deliver a set of seven national service specifications.

Based in Daventry, the team will have a lively and vibrant working atmosphere. Our size and resources will also enable us to offer a range of attractive benefits as well as unparalleled education and development opportunities for staff at all levels. The DPCN prides itself on its investment in staff both in terms of developing career skills but also its commitment to staff health and wellbeing.

The team will be made up of:        

  • Advanced Nurse Practitioners
  • Clinical Pharmacists
  • Social Prescribing Link Workers
  • Advanced Practice Physiotherapists
  • Physical Associates
  • Advanced Paramedic Practitioners

As part of this new initiative the integrated community-based teams will also be developing and configuring their services around the DPCN enabling the team to provide improved services to patients.

Recruitment has now commenced to these new positions and the team are looking in the first instance for an enthusiastic, highly motivated and forward thinking individual for the positions of Advanced Nurse Practitioner and Paramedic Practitioner to be based at Danetre Medical Practice.






Accredited GP Training Practice

Dr Trudy Lewis is a qualified trainer within the practice

General Practice Training

Danetre Medical Practice participates in the General Practice Vocational Training Scheme, whereby fully qualified doctors wishing to enter general practice receive three years’ further training. From time to time one of these doctors (GP registrars) will be based here for a period of up to 12 months and will be available for consultations. Dr Trudy Lewis is the qualified trainer.

At any time if you do not wish to have a trainee GP or medical student observing at your consultation please feel free to bring this to the attention of the receptionist or GP. At no time will this decision prejudice your care with us.

As part of their training the GP registrars have to video record some of their consultations as part of their assessment. You may be asked by the receptionists if you would be happy to take part in this if you have an appointment with the GP registrar. At any time you are able to say “no” to being videotaped and this will not prejudice the way your consultation is viewed or handled in any way.

If you are happy to be videotaped the receptionist will ask you to read a letter about the process and to sign a consent form. At the end of your consultation, if you don’t wish the tape to be used, you can state this and the tape will be erased.

NHS Friends and Family

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Further Practice Information

Please read our Statement of Purpose to see our objectives, certain Practice Policies, and our contact details.

Also read our Privacy Notice setting out how we keep and protect data about our patients.

Details of our Organisational Information are also available outlining the different teams here at Danetre, how we make sure our GP’s are always developing further in their fields, and information about our Newsletter.