Research 2024


Danetre Medical Practice is an award winning, accredited research and training practice. We have won awards for the best Practice Research Team and Non Clinical Researcher of the Year (Jo Gilford – our Practice Manager). The practice participates in several carefully chosen research studies at any one time. 

Taking part in research may benefit you personally, but it also leaves a legacy behind for the improvement of health and treatment of future generations. Participation in whatever small way is appreciated, and if you ever want to know more, we are more than happy to answer questions, so why not email us on

Participation in any study is entirely voluntary, and your decision to take part or not will not affect the care you receive here at Danetre Medical Practice. It is important that you tell your GP or Nurse that you are on a study if you come to see them so they can let the research team know. Your reason for seeing a healthcare professional may be important in terms of the study.

Please be assured we do not give any patients details to anyone outside of this practice.

We work closely with the National Institute for Health Research for our studies. For more information on what they do please visit their website here

Current Research Studies

These are the current studies that the Practice are participating in. Look out for more new studies and any invitations that you might be sent! 

  1. STATIC – email invites sent to patients trialing the stopping of certain medication in patients with inactive Crohn’s Disease
  2. T2T – email invites sent to patients to look at the most effective and cost effective methods of treating Gout
  3. BICs – email invites sent to trial a new drug to combat flare ups of COPD
  4. ERICA – Electronic Risk Assessment for Cancer, trialing software of risk assessment tools and symptoms checkers that will aid in early cancer diagnosis, to be used in relevant consultations
  5. ATTACK – invites will be sent out to patients to test the use of Aspirin to target arterial events in Chronic Kidney Disease

If you would like to opt-out of medical research then please visit 

Nasal Spray Study

We are inviting healthy subjects, Aged 12- 80 with no viral infections in the last 14 days to participate in a study to measure if a nasal spray helps in reducing respiratory viral transmission.


We are testing a nasal spray (active or placebo), for subjects to use at least twice daily (6 hours apart).

The Protective Nasal Spray is not a medicine and has no known side effects. You will need to use the spray for 28 days. The spray is available to buy.

  • You may or may not be randomised to receive the active or placebo
  • You will need to routinely come in to contact of 5 people or more and be COVID negative to enter the study.
  • You must not be allergic to lavender
  • You will need to complete a daily diary about your use of the nasal spray and any symptoms.
  • You will need to perform a weekly COVID-19 lateral flow test ( Days 0, 7, 14 and 28).
  • If you detect a positive COVID test during the study, you will need to come back to clinic for a nasal swab.

This study data will add to the understanding of respiratory viral transmission and may be relevant to the treatment of respiratory virus transmission in the future.

Participation involves 2- 3 visits, to train you on the nasal spray use, a possible visit if you had a positive COVID result and final visit to the clinic at the end of the study.

You will receive £20 per visit and be reimbursed travel expenses.

To find out more please contact the research team on 01327 703333.


Award Winning Success

Danetre Medical Practice won two awards for "Research Team of the Year" and "Non-Clinical Researcher of the Year" in 2013 at a ceremony hosted by the Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Rutland Comprehensive Local Research Network. The saw Danetre up against the research community of other GP practices in the region and General and University Hospitals along with Primary Care Teams and Healthcare NHS Foundation Trusts.