Flu Season 2019/20

Flu Season 2019/20

It’s flu jab season again

Does everyone need a flu jab?

No, just people who are at particular risk of problems if they catch flu.
Please book your NHS flu vaccination if:

·         you're aged 65 or over

·         you're pregnant

·         You have a heart disease (such as previous heart attack or angina, just having raised Blood pressure does not qualify)

·         You have Asthma or COPD

·         You have Diabetes

·         You have Chronic kidney disease

·         You have Chronic liver disease

·         You have had a TIA or stroke

·         You have peripheral vascular disease

·         You are Immunosupressed

·         You have a chronic neurological condition (eg MS or Parkinsons)

 Should I have my flu jab done by the chemist or my GP’s?
Whoever gives you your flu jab gets a payment from the Government for undertaking the injection.

 We would therefore ask you to support the practice and have your flu jab undertaken here at Danetre Medical Practice so that we receive the payment, we have to order your vaccine 10 months in advance.

This year we have mid-week clinics from:

23/09/19 for patients 65 and over

21/10/19 for patients under 65

 We have evening clinics on:

16/10/19  6.30pm – 7.30pm for patients under 65

29/10/19  6.30pm - 7.30pm for patients under and over 65

We also have clinics on a Saturday:

05/10/19 for patients over 65

19/10/19 for patients under and over 65


Please phone in and book an appointment.


If you’re seeing the nurse or doctor for an appointment, then ask if they can give you your flu jab there and then.

Can I get the flu vaccine privately?

People who aren't eligible for a flu jab on the NHS can pay for a flu vaccination privately.
Under GMS rules we cannot offer the vaccination privately to our own patients.
The flu vaccine may also be available from pharmacies or in supermarkets.
It is provided on a private patient basis and you have to pay. The vaccine can cost up to £20.